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6 Segnaposto


This placemark was created as a gift for a multi-millionaire special guest from United States. There was a copy also for his secretary.

The gift has been rely appreciated since no other country in the world thinked about it.

5 Locandina


This playbill was commisionated by Alessio Pellerani for his weekly event in Eur, Rome (IT).

It's a third version and this time the goal was to make something new and fresh without losing all the steps made previusly.

4 Badge


Second badge of my lifetime, this badge, hanging by the head of the staff team, have to be visually catchy

3 Brochure


One of my favourite works, this fine brochure is placed in Rome, in the middle of PREMIUM QUALITY coffee sachets with powerful benefits.

This work had to ignite curiosity with his peculiarity

2 Campagna lancio Sito Web


First of all my social campaigns, this is a collection of 6 works that were published just before Christmas.

The client asked for something visually aggressive and shocking! This work in particular was asked from him, he clearly wanted a working machine, and it's uniqueness combined with aggressivity give a clear feedback

1 Libro*


One of my latest works, this collect Riccardo Di Gasparro's 7more years of experience in Network Marketing.
Ten secrets to reach the top 5% people in this multi-billion dollar industy.

About I'd like to tell you about my story

Hello there, I’m happy to see that you arrived so far. Hope you’re enjoying the journey ―

My name is Emiliano Morghen, I’m 21 yo designer & networker based in Rome, Italy! As many more out there, I’ve developed my skills trying for many years as a self-taught ― at the time of writing, more than 7 years ― and up today, I had the prof that something good has born from those years!

I’ve developed skill such as:
- Use Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and a bit of After Effects
- Write some code with HTML, CSS, Javascript

But all of them are just my “neerdy” skill, in the last years I’ve focused in studying subjects like:
- Time management
- Team building
- Selling
- Public Reletions
- Public Speaking

Today I’m co-operating with Riccardo Di Gasparro as Graphic Designer and as marketing associate with Organo.

Feel free to contact me by Telegram, Facebook, by Sending a Mail or even my !